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Number of Cory Catfish vs. Tank Gallon size [Complete GUIDE]

Being an aquarist, you should first have the ideal tank size sufficient for the movement and schooling of cory catfish.

The easily bred and most popular fish for aquariums is the Cory Catfish. Luckily, cory catfish don’t acquire large tanks for a living but need sufficient space.

Below is some interesting discussion on how many cory catfishes can be in a 10-gallon tank.

How many cory catfish are in a 10-gallon tank? The quantity of fish you can hold in an aquarium is determined by the type and size of cory catfish you choose. You can add 5 Bandit, Skunk, and Panda cory in a 10-gallon tank. Ten-gallon tank is enough for 4 Bronze, Pepper, Three stripe, and Julii cory fishes. 10 – 12 numbers of Pygmy, Hastatus, and Habrosus can be placed in a 10-gallon tank as their average bigger size is 1 to 1.5 inches.

The answer given above is not enough for such a broad topic. Continue the reading, and you will find all kinds of cory catfish with their size and number in a 10-gallon tank, the male-to-female ratio in a single tank, and much more.

Following is the table of cory catfishes with different kids, sizes, and numbers in a 10-gallon tank.

Type of Cory catfishMaximum SizeQuantity in 10-Gallon tank
Longfin Panda Cory2.5 inches4
Albino Cory2.5-3 inches3-4
Panda Cory2.5 inches4
Habrosus Cory1.5 inches7
Paleatus Cory2.5 inches4
Sterba Cory2.5 inches4
Simillis Cory2 inches5
Adolfo Cory2.5 inches4
False Julii Cory2 inches5
Leopard Cory4-5 inches10 gallons not recommended
Orange Laser Cory1.5-2.5 inches4-6
Agassizi Cory2.4-2.8 inches3-4
Dwarf Cory1.4 inches7
Types of Cory Catfish vs. Quantity in 10 gallon tank

10 Gallon tank? Enough or Not

Cory Catfish have different kinds with sizes. You can use a 10-gallon tank for all kinds of cory catfish other than Leopard Cory, but still, for a happy environment, I suggest using a 20-gallon tank. Moreover, cory catfish are schooling fish and need to live in a community, so I recommend trying to avoid a 10-gallon tank for a cory catfish of a bigger size.

Additional read :

Avoid small tanks with large amount

Cory catfish is a very interesting and active kind of fish for your aquarium. They need enough space to grow. Small tanks with large amount of fishes will limit their movement, compitition for food and space will generate, maintainance of water quality will be challanging and the plants and hiding place will make the tank more conjusted. I recommend to follow the table given above for adding cory catfish in a tank and having 15% fewer cory catfish in overcrowded tanks is favorable for avoiding conflicts and stress conditions.

Cory catfish in a 10 gallon tank

Taking Care of the cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank

A 10-gallon tank is enough for some kinds of cory catfish. So to keep your cory catfish alive and happy, you need to take good Care of the tank/water parameters.

1. Plantation

Make sure you have enough plants in your tank to absorb the carbon dioxide, nitrate, and other substances that are toxic waste from the fish excretion.

So plantation in the ten-gallon tank is essential.

Plants in Aquarium

2. Water Quality Check

Change the water frequently to eliminate all the toxins. If you have a filter, change the water weekly.

If you do not have a water filter, about 40% of the tank water should be changed daily.

3. Feeding Habit

When feeding your cory catfish, try not to put too much food as it can pollute the water. Stop feeding if they stop eating.

4. Water filter installation

You need a filter that will eliminate the ammonia by changing it to nitrite and then nitrite into a less toxic form called nitrate.

(Nitrates are removed when you do the water changes in the tank). This process is called the Nitrogen Cycle.

5. PH Level

Also, make sure to maintain a healthy PH level in the tank. Here is how you can naturally control the PH in your water tank.

Pros and Cons of keeping cory catfish in a small VS large size Gallon tank

1. Tight space

If you live in a small house or have little space, a ten-gallon tank is perfect for carrying with your cory catfish hobby. For large homes, a large-sized tank minimum of twenty-gallon will be preferred.

2. Indoor Aesthetics

Being a colorful fish, cory catfish will improve your home aesthetics, and all this is set in a low space occupied.

3. Low maintenance

The significant edge of keeping cory catfish in a ten-gallon tank is the ease of maintenance of this size. Low maintenance will lead to a pleasant environment for your cory catfish to dwell in.

4. Aggression

A confined space cause behavioral issues like aggression in the cory catfish. Aggression towards its tank mates is a common problem that attacks other fish. This unfriendly environment inside the tank can lead to cory catfish death. There are no such issues in large-sized tanks.

5. Waste toxin accumulation

Due to less space, more toxins from cory catfish waste accumulate inside the small sized tank. These toxins disturb the water chemistry.

6. Poor growth

The growth of cory catfish organs is poor due to the confinement of space. They can’t swim freely because poor growth leads to organ failure and premature death.

How many cory catfish in a 20, 30 and 50 gallon tank?

If you are an experienced aquarist, you can manage a big-size tank smartly. Otherwise, beginners are requested to learn about the cory catfish first and apply their knowledge in a small tank of ten gallons. After a bit of expereince then work on a big-size tank

Type of Cory catfishMaximum Size# in 20,30,50 Gallon Tank
Longfin Panda Cory2.5 inches8,12,20
Albino Cory2.5-3 inches8,12,20
Panda Cory2.5 inches8,12,20
Habrosus Cory1.5 inches14,21,35
Paleatus Cory2.5 inches8,12,20
Sterba Cory2.5 inches8,12,20
Simillis Cory2 inches10,15,25
Adolfo Cory2.5 inches8,12,20
False Julii Cory2 inches10,15,25
Leopard Cory4-5 inches4,6,10
Orange Laser Cory1.5-2.5 inches8-12, 12-18,20-30
Agassizi Cory2.4-2.8 inches8,12,20
Dwarf Cory1.4 inches14,21,35
No of Cory catfish vs. Tank Gallon size

Adding 15% fewer fish in overcrowded tanks is recommended for better growth, movement, and maintenance.

Tank mates of Cory catfish

Cory catfish can live with different kinds of fishes, snails, and shrimps. Following is the list of tank mates of cory catfish.

  • Amano Shrimp
  • Ghost shrimp
  • Neon Tetra
  • Rasbora fish
  • Mollies
  • Sword tail fish
  • Nerite Snail
  • Mystery snail
  • Gold inca snail
  • Cherry barb
  • Platies
  • Sword tails
  • Zebra Danios
  • Honey Gourami


Cory catfish is a lovely collection for your tank, and you can add Cory catfish in a ten-gallon tank, but caring for your aquarium will boost your interest and increase the life of your Cory catfish. They are a beautiful collection for your tank. Try to avoid big-sized Cory catfish in a ten-gallon tank.