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Do Guppies Sleep?

Do Guppies Sleep

Guppies are a very active fish. Like all living beings guppies also need food, safe environment and a good sleep. Due to their super active nature and intensive swimming, this fish also have daily episodes of tiredness. Below is the insight about guppy sleep.

Do guppies sleep? Like many other creatures, guppies also sleep at night to preserve their energy. As they don’t have eyelids, so it’s hard to pinpoint whether they are sleeping or not, but they do sleep. You can notice sleep of Guppy at the bottom of the tank near plants or hiding spots of decoration. Guppies like to sleep in the dark; for better sleep, you must turn off the artificial light at night. Researchers claim that guppies sleep 6-8 hours in a cycle of 24 hours.

Now you might be confused about

  • The sleeping pattern of Guppy.
  • How much sleep does the guppy need?
  • Is the guppy sleeping or dead?
  • Do guppies sleep upside down?
  • Do guppies rest during the day?
  • Do guppy move when they sleep?
  • Place where guppies like to sleep, at the top or bottom of the tank?

How much sleep does the guppy need?

How much sleep do guppies require is the second most crucial question you should be asking. People believe it is the same as humans, despite the fact that we don’t know the exact amount. Approximately 6-8 hours.

This is because guppies, like humans, go to sleep when the sun sets and wake up when the sun rises. Alternatively, in the case of the fish tank, when the light is turned on and off.

Excessively lighting the tank will not only deteriorate the health of a guppy but also grow a lot of algae in the water. So try to be natural in lighting, So make sure the tank is dark when it’s dark outside and light when it’s light outside.

A Portable timer for light can also be helpful.

The sleeping pattern of the guppy

Lack of movement defines that the guppy is sleeping. During sleep, they are seen near plants or in hiding places of decoration sometimes seem like the dead. During sleep, they are less sensitive to sound. Usually, their movement stops when the light is switched off.

Do guppies sleep upside down?

The answer is No. If you see your guppy upside down, the Following reason must be checked

  • Water is not appropriate according to guppy’s nature. Check the level of ammonia, PH, and temperature of the water.
  • If water perimeters are ok, your guppy is ill with gall bladder disease, which is almost impossible to recover.

Guppy is sleeping or dead

It is quite confusing to tell whether the guppy is sleeping or dead. But one thing for sure is guppy does not sleep in the day time. Motionless floating guppy at the daytime is dead or ill.

Guppies also show unconsciousness due to illness.

If you cant differentiate between dead or sleeping guppy, Do the following to differentiate:

  • Slightly stir the water and check the reaction.
  • Throw some food inside the tank.
  • Examine the movement of the mouth and gills.

Do guppy move when sleeping?

During sleeping, the guppy stops swimming and becomes inactive. They use to hide in plants and other hiding spots in ornamental objects. No movements are seen in their body when sleeping.

Precautions followed for Healthy Sleep

Sleep plays a very important role in every creature’s life. If you want that your guppies have a night of healthy sleep, you must follow the following directions for it.

  1. Lighting in the Tank:

As we discussed earlier, guppies sleep 6-8 hours daily when it is dark or artificial lights are switched off. So try to switch off the lights or follow nature and switched off the light where there is night and on it when there is daytime.

For solving this issue you can put your tank near the window or use a timer light.

2. Hiding places inside the tank:

Place some hiding place like rocks, plants, or other artificial objects which will make your aquarium more attractive as well as it will give hiding spots for your guppies.

3. Tank mates of Guppies:

As I mentioned about the list of species that have a friendly behavior towards the guppies in my previous blog, Only those species should be kept with guppies in a tank. If we put those fishes which show aggressive behavior towards guppies then those fishes will irritate guppies while sleeping.

4. Climatic condition of Tank and its surroundings:

Guppies usually survive in temperatures of 22 oC to 28 oC.

If the tank is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, the guppies get sick of the dysfunction of body organs.

Depletion of oxygen level will occur inside the tank if the water temperature is very high

So for better sleep, the temperature of the tank must be kept in the range mentioned above.

5. PH and Hardness of water:

Water PH level should be 6.7-7.8 and hardness should be 8-12. Ather level of water hardness and PH will cause dysfunctioning of Gills which will cause death to the guppies.

6. Filteration and maintenance:

Most people use a smaller tank that gets turbid very quickly because of wastes produced by guppies. As well as overpopulation in a tank also makes your tank turbid. For all these reasons it is necessary to have a proper filtration system for the maintenance of water in the tank.