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Can Guppies Live With Goldfish

Goldfish and guppies are among the typical beginner-friendly and fascinating aquarium fish. However, their colorful bodies and nearness in looks make aquarists wonder whether guppies and goldfish can live together. Below is my well-researched discussion about guppies and goldish coexistence.

Can Guppies Live With Goldfish? Yes, you can house guppies and goldfish in a perfect consensus by careful planning and thoughtful consideration of a few aspects. Some of these regards are; tank parameters, size of both fish, fish temperament, eating habits, the pace of swimming, etc. Never keep guppies and goldfish together if you can’t regulate these factors.

If you tend to mix guppies with goldfish in your tank, you must understand the similarities and differences between the two species. These differences and similarities are based on their physiology, anatomy, and water tank parameters.

Guppies and Goldfish Living Together

There are about 276 species of guppies and over 200 types of goldfish found in the aquarium business. These species have come into being by endless cross-breeding of diverse fish characteristics.

Every fish species has distinctive behaviors. Likewise, guppies and goldfish have some entirely different characteristics and share a few overlapping traits.
The following table indicates the similarities and dissimilarities between the goldfish and guppies, predicting the compatibility of both fish living together.

freshwater bodyyessizecould be managed
omnivoresyesbreeding habitcould be managed
bred for colors, patterns, body shapesyeswater tank parameterscould be regulated
The table shows a brief on similarities and dissimilarities between guppies and goldfish.

The table shows a brief on similarities and dissimilarities between guppies and goldfish.

Explaining the similarities between goldfish and guppies:

  • Both fish species are freshwater dwellers. Which means their water must be deficient in levels of salt.
  • Omnivores: guppies and goldish can live together because they can be fed similar food. They like high-protein diets. They eat veggies and meat (brine shrimp, daphnia, etc.). Both goldfish and guppies enjoy eating pests. They eat mosquito larvae, hydra, Ramshorn snails, and bladder.
  • Goldfish and guppies are bred for colors, patterns, body shapes, etc.
  • Goldfish and guppies can live together because they have a very peaceful nature.

Explaining the Dissimilarities between goldfish and guppies:

Some disparities between goldfish and guppies indicate they can’t live together.

  • Size: a guppy fry is merely 1/4 inch in size. The adult guppy reaches about 2 inches. In contrast, a month-old goldfish baby is about 1 inch in length. The adult goldfish reaches about 10-14 inches in size.
  • Life span: Guppies have a shorter lifespan of about five years compared to goldfish, which have a ten-year lifespan.
  • Reproduction: Guppies are livebearers, which means they give birth to babies, while goldfish are egg layers.
  • Tank Parameters:
    1. Temperature: Guppies live in temperate to tropical waters. They enjoy a little warmer water at 72 to 82°F. While goldfish live in cool to temperate waters, it prefers a cooler tank temperature of between 68 and 74°F.
    2. Water pH level: Goldfish prefer acidic water. On the other hand, guppies prefer alkaline water.
    3. Fin nipping: Guppies are Inclined to nip at the fins of their tank mates. Goldfish can’t tolerate this stress and will fall sick.

Combating the dissimilarities between goldfish and guppies to keep them together.


The first issue with keeping guppies and goldfish in the same aquarium is that an adult goldfish is about seven times larger than the guppies. Therefore, it has a big mouth and would eat guppies as an appealing snack.
Goldfish have small mouths and can choke in an attempt to eat the guppies, killing both fish!


You can keep baby goldfish with guppies. It takes about seven months for a baby goldfish to grow in size.
Once the goldfish are adults, shift them to a separate tank. The mature goldfish will reproduce so that the goldfish offspring can live with the guppies.


The lifespan of the goldfish and guppies doesn’t interfere with the guppies living with goldfish.
Your guppies will reproduce like crazy, and you won’t be short on the guppies pool, so the shorter lifespan of the guppies is not a factor against guppie living with goldfish.


Guppies give birth to 20-30 baby fry in a single go. These fries are tiny. The mother can even ingest them are also not safe from becoming a tasty meal for the goldfish.


Always separate the pregnant guppies and goldfish from the tank for the baby fish’s safety. Once the babies are mature enough to look after themselves, introduce them to the same tank.

Tank temperature:

Goldfish prefer cold water, while guppies prefer warmer water.


A middle ground is at 72-74°F. It can be resided by both species. You should install a heater with control buttons to maintain the optimum temperature.

Tank Water pH level:

Goldfish prefer acidic water (6.5 pH ). On the other hand, guppies prefer alkaline water( 7.8 pH ).


Keep your tank water at a pH level of 7. This will keep both fish types happy and comfortable.
Also, remember that your water will turn acidic if you’re not changing the water frequently. That is why you need to have a pretty regular water-changing schedule. It would help if you did not skip water changes because goldfish produce a lot of waste.

Extra lead:

If you introduce young and tiny goldfish to fully grown guppies, it will force guppies to accept goldfish as their tankmates!

Things You should know when keeping guppies and goldfish together.

1. Always opt for Larger-size fish tank:

  • The tank should be big enough to house both fish efficiently. In addition, goldfish produce a lot of waste, so more space for giant goldfish will ensure stable water parameters.
  • To keep goldfish happy, use a 20-gallon tank initially. With the addition of every goldfish, you will need another 10 gallons.

2. Avoid guppy fights:

If your aquarium has more male guppies, they will fight each other to get the chance of female mating. This is why keeping one male guppy for every two or three females is vital.

3. Keep track of your goldfish growth:

As long as goldfish don’t become too big, they can live happily with guppies.

4. Guppies and goldfish are pest controllers:

  • Combining the two in environments where pests are present may lead to a healthy balance in controlling pest populations.
  • Guppies also help clean up the fish tank by eating algae and biofilm.

5. Goldfish are social:

Goldfish is a social fish; it likes interacting with their kind. But they don’t form bonds with other kinds of fish. That is why it can attempt to eat its tank mates (guppies).

6. Heavy plantation:

You can keep your guppies safe from goldfish in the same tank by considering floating plants with trailing roots, like dwarf water lettuce and Amazon frogbit, and tall plants that can be grown in clumps; Vallisneria, Ludwigia, and Elodea.
These floating and tall plants will provide a lot of hiding places for the guppies.

Type of goldfish that can live with Guppies

Guppies are small. They are quick and brisk swimmers. So you need to select goldfish that have sluggish swimming abilities.

  • Always opt for slow-moving goldfish like Blackmoor, Veiltail, Celestial eyes, Bubble eye, etc.
  • Grown-up fancy goldfish are also lazy goldfish. This kind is less active as compared to slim-bodied goldfish.


Guppies can live with goldfish, but you must keep monitoring some factors. Like tank parameters, size of both fish, fish temperament, eating habits, the pace of swimming, etc.