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Can Guppies live with Bettas

Guppy is one of the most colorful species everyone likes to have in their tank. To make your aquarium more colorful, you can add other fish species like betta to your guppy tank.

Before Introducing betta to your tank, you must be aware of its nature. Does residing betta and guppies together put the environment and health of your guppies in danger? Below is the complete guide.

Can Guppies live with Bettas? Yes! However, Guppies are peaceful in this combination, while bettas are semi-aggressive. Among the multiple betta breeds, selecting suitable species or limiting the number of betta fish in the tank will tackle this issue. The optimal PH level, water temperature, and turbulence are almost similar for both species. However, they need extra care in feeding because of dissimilarity in the diet.

Other than the above aspects, numerous possibilities must be considered for the successful living of guppies with bettas. So keep reading.

Compatible Betta breed selection:

Usually, bettas are semi-aggressive, while guppies have peaceful behavior. It is necessary to select the breed that has peaceful behavior. Two species of bettas that are peaceful and can easily adjust with guppies in their tank are:

  1. Delta Betta Fish
  2. Halfmoon Betta fish

Number of Bettas with Guppies In the Tank

Both male and female guppies are multicolored, while male bettas are more colorful than female betta.

Male betta considers guppy as the other kind of betta and attacks it, due to which fins of guppies may break. To overcome this problem, one should introduce only a single male betta into the community of guppies. We can add many female bettas to the guppies’ school because both have a pacifist nature.

Male and Female Guppies

Avoid large-sized betta

As discussed above, bettas are aggressive, and their bigger size will increase their aggression. So for a friendly environment, only small-sized bettas are qualified to live in the guppy community.

Avoid Betta fry with Guppies.

Guppies are omnivorous and eat everything that serves their mouth, including their babies (fry). So try to avoid placing betta and guppy fries in the guppies tank. These fries will cause overpopulation and are unsafe in this environment as well.

Aquarium’s Environment for Guppies and Betta

Ideal tank conditions for Guppies and Bettas

Using small tanks or overcrowding may cause a stressful environment for both kinds of fish, leading to fighting for territory and food.

For a peaceful environment, this combination will be added to a tank having a minimum size of 10 gallons:

For a single guppy, 1 gallon of water and a little more is recommended for bettas. So in a 10-gallon tank, you can add 3 to 4 guppies with a single male betta or two female bettas.

Temperature and pH of the water

Guppies happily live in water with a pH of 7 to 7.2 and a temperature between 750F and 820F. Betta needs a pH level of 7 and 780F temperature for their survival. So both the species are compatible for living together.

Filtration of aquarium

For an ideal tank condition, ammonia and nitrite levels should be 0 ppm. It is very tough to keep your water that clean as betta is messier than guppies, but it should not be over 20ppm. The levels can be monitored using a testing kit.

Keep in mind that bettas can’t stand remarkably swift currents. Therefore, choose a system with a variable flow rate, and stick to low currents.

Amano shrimp can also be added because they get along well with guppies and betta fish and help maintain the tank clean.

To keep your tank environment free of nitrites and ammonia, remove at least 25% of the water each week and replace it with filtered water.

Plantation for decoration and hiding

Plantation inside a tank will help you decorate your aquarium and gives a hiding and resting place for guppies and bettas.

Both of the species appreciate plantation inside the tank. Remember that guppies also habitually take small bites from the plants. So, choose plants that are not poisonous to guppies. Following are some of the feasible plants for your aquarium:

  • Amazon Swords
  • Java ferns
  • Hornworts
  • Guppy grass
  • Watersprite

Feeding of Guppies and Bettas

In their natural habitat, betta fish consume tiny fish, worms, and insects. Meat-based diets are ideal for them. However, to meet their dietary needs, betta fish also require a wide variety of various meals.

Can Guppies eat betta food?

Guppies are omnivorous and consume all kinds of food containing meat and vegetable. Of course, they can also eat the food of bettas, but for a better diet, you need to serve a balanced diet of plant-based food that contains proteins to your guppies.

So I recommend feeding your guppy first as the vegetables will not be touched by Bettas. Then, when guppies are done eating, feed your betta. In this manner, both species will get their proper diet without any clash.

For better digestion, serve your guppies and bettas once or twice daily because overfeeding is dangerous for both breeds.

Guppy and Betta breeding

Guppies and Bettas can live together in a single tank, but it does not mean they can have successful breeding. As both fishes belong to different species, Guppies can’t breed with a betta.


Betta and guppy can live together with just a few requisites to care about.