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Can Angelfish Live With Guppies

Your fishkeeping hobby might want you to put angelfish and guppies together. Both fish are beautiful and makes your aquarium beautiful. This article covers whether they are a good match to live together in your aquarium.
Can angelfish live with Guppies? No, angelfish and guppies can’t live together. They have opposite temperaments; guppies are peaceful, while angelfish are aggressive. Size differences; guppies are small, while angelfish is big, and they have different optimal living parameters.

As a nature rule, big fish eat small fish. Likewise, many factors don’t allow guppies and angelfish to live together in harmony. Please keep reading for in-depth insights.

Angelfish are aggressive in nature.

Angelfish have an aggressive nature. They fight with each other and their tank mates. They tend to overpower the territories and would hurt all weaker fish.
Guppies, on the other end, are peaceful in nature. They can’t compete with the aggressive nature of the angelfish and tend to hide in corners, getting stressed and falling ill.

Angelfish are bigger in size than Guppies.

An adult angelfish is about 6 inches long and 8 inches wide. In comparison, a guppy is merely 2.5 inches in length.
This variation in size leads to guppy life in danger at the hands of the angelfish. Guppies get eaten by angelfish. So you can’t keep both fish in the same tank.

Angelfish love slightly acidic water.

Angelfish dwell in water that has a 6.5 pH level. While guppies prefer slightly alkaline water. This difference in water nature would make one of the species compromises, leading to retarded growth.

Angelfish need a large tank.

Angelfish can live up to 12 years in captivity if kept in a large volume of water. They are schooling fish. A pair of angelfish need 30 gallons water tank.

If you tend to keep angelfish with comfortable guppies in smaller tanks, It will lead to the death of guppies and the angelfish.

Hungry angelfish will eat anything that fits its mouth

Since guppies can easily adjust in the angelfish mouth. Whenever your angelfish is hungry and a generous quantity of food is unavailable in the tank, they will hunt down your naive guppies.

Some tetras and barbs are compatible with angelfish, but again, small fish will fit in the mouth of the angelfish and be eaten.

Overfeeding angelfish to keep guppies secure is harmful!

If you overfeed your angelfish to keep your guppy companion safe, you will put your angelfish’s health at risk. Overfeeding can cause constipation and swimbladder disease, which can be fatal for angelfish.

Some exceptions to keeping angelfish and guppies together

If you still wish to keep your guppies with angelfish, there are some points that you will have to follow to keep them alive together strictly.

  1. Keep your guppies and angelfish together when they are young. So they can feel each other as companions, and territorial disputes could be avoided.
  2. The aquarium must be giant, so both fish don’t have to fight for the territory.
  3. There must be plenty of food for the angelfish, so it doesn’t attack the guppies.
  4. Guppies and their fry must have many hiding places in the aquarium. Aquatic plants and colorful plastic pipes can be good hiding places for them.

Final Take

Guppies and angelfish can’t live together because of differences in their nature, size, habitat, eating habits, and other traits. The combined community between both species is the discomfort zone for both species.